The Setting

Where the story happens.

Alternating chapters between two setting Otterocity takes place in one of America's top placed to live and one of America's top places to visit. Follow Cory Samuelson's life experiences in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado and discover his life altering revelations as he follows an otter named Lizzie off the coast of San Juan Island in Washington State. This blend of alternating settings and timelines gives you a mix of places and characters while keeping the story-line fresh and interesting.

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Fort Collins, Colorado was founded as an old military fort in 1864 and is nestled against the Rocky Mountains alongside the banks of the Cache La Poudre River, in Northern Colorado. An hour north of Denver, this diverse community is home to Colorado State University and large businesses like Anheuser Bush and Hewlett Packard.

Wander through Fort Collins historic Old Town, visit one of its many parks or nature areas, or ride part of its 20 miles of off-street bike trails. With many things to do, Fort Collins offers a plethora of shops, restaurants, and microbreweries to visit. During the summer you can listen to a live band in Old Town Square or go hiking around Horsetooth Reservoir.

San Juan Island, Washington, USA

The alternate story-line is set at Snug Harbor Resort on San Juan Island. Snug Harbor Resort is a vacation resort, located on peaceful Mitchell Bay and offers cabin accommodations and camping all year round.

Visit Snug Harbor: